When YouTube Bans My Daughter’s Videos It Reminds Me Of Medical Errors

When YouTube Bans My Daughter’s Videos It Reminds Me Of Medical Errors















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My college Freshman daughter and I text back and forward throughout the day.

So, before I sent out a text to her this morning I wanted to watch her latest YouTube Video, What Is In My Backpack?

After I pushed my YouTube Channel Subscription Update With Sarah G, this message pops up:















I think it is an error. So, I search YouTube, and my search results in a rectangle box state, no matches.

I text my daughter to ask her about her down YouTube Channel.

My daughter replies, what?! IDK ( I Do Not Know)

She checks her emails and finds these messages from YouTube:













She calls me and says; it must be her last video, What In My Backpack? that causes YouTube to ban her Channel.

My daughter goes on the tell me that YouTube has tightened their terms and conditions.

I inquire, what was in your video that was threatening or prohibitive?

Her answer is it must be the pepper spray in her backpack.

I ask her if she encourages others to use pepper spray in a dangerous way in her video.

In an upset raise voice tone, she says, What Mom, No! Of course not! Really!

Immediately, I state, just checking.

After a few seconds, I say, it may be they have a new algorithm. Perhaps, the words, Pepper Spray triggers a violation?

Ugh, my daughter mutters.

I go on, mistakes happen. You are going to have to contact YouTube and inquire why your account is in suspension.

My daughter again mutters, ugh.

A couple of hours later as I am talking to my daughter, she excitingly blurts her YouTube Channel is back up.

Mom, I did not even have to contact them, she says.

Yay! I go on to convey that I am happy she was going to be proactive and immediately contact YouTube.

I hung up from my daughter and my mind spirals to my HypoGal world.

People, corporations and medical labs all make mistakes.

My daughter was fortunate, and the suspension of her YouTube Channel was extremely apparent.

So, when YouTube bans my daughter’s videos it reminds me of medical errors. 

Unfortunately, all mistakes are not so easy to catch or notice.

So, my life lesson of this HypoGal have taught me:

Question Results If They Do Not Feel Right

Scary Fact: “If medical errors were a disease, it would rank as the third leading cause of death in the United States.”

The first deadly disease being heart disease and second cancer.

Medical Error includes:

  • Wrong Prescriptions
  • Incorrect Surgery
  • Misdiagnosis of Lab Tests
  • Misdiagnosis of Medical Condition

Thankfully, the survival from several hospital stays has taught me to advocate better for myself.

During one of my stays in the hospital, a doctor misses the fact my lungs are full with embolisms. The reason:  The Radiologist Misread My CT.

I almost died. I now know if you believe a CT, MRI or other scan is incorrect then ask that another radiologist reviews your test results.

Another time, I experience knife stabbing stomach pain in my lower left abdominal area. I have an with a Gastrologist who insist there is nothing wrong with me.

I insist on a colonoscopy. The doctor tells me the tests are negative and I am fine. Several months later my colon perforates from Diverticulitis.

I was fortunate that a talented surgeon at Thorton Hospital was able to discover the perforation in my colon during an exploratory abdominal surgery.

Mistakes happen, especially medical errors.

How To Prevent Medical Errors

Medical mistakes are going to happen. However, you can try to limit your risk by:

  • Ask questions, e.g., Alternative treatment
  • It is always a good idea to obtain a second opinion before any surgery or treatment of a critical condition
  • Have an advocate with you at your appointments and in the hospital

My Best Medical Health Tip; Trust Yourself, Trust Your Gut Feeling. 

So many times, our body is screaming to be heard; so listen. 

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