A Sheehan’s Syndrome Story, So Long Chrispy

Red Balloon For Sheehan’s Syndrome Sister Remembrance

In memory of Sheehan's Syndrome Beautiful Woman, Chrispy

A Sheehan’s Syndrome Story, So Long Chrispy

My Red Ballon Story

I connected in ways I had never imaged to a woman who resided on the other side of the world and whom I had never met. Sadly, yesterday marked the one year passing of my Australian Sheehan’s Sister; Chrispy.

I had the good fortune to connect online with Chrispy through a rare disease, Sheehan’s Group Yahoo forum. Within this forum, I learned from Chrispy’s powerful, knowledgeable, and graceful words. The Sheehan Women Forum enables it’s members to ask questions, express ideas, and just vent.

The invisible walls of the Sheehan Syndrome forum allows me to show myself to women who understand my journey. The thousands of words that were woven into threads from a Sheehan Syndrome Forum created a unique friendship between Chrispy and myself.

I would still express myself on the Sheehan Syndrome Forum, but Chrispy and I would also email each other outside the forum. Chrispy’s insightful, wise words help to extend the gray areas of my life. Her views on health care continue to enlighten me; her candid personal struggles encouraged me to play it forward.

I miss Chrispy, the Sheehan Syndrome Group misses Chrispy. Yesterday, to honor Chrispy’s memory her Sheehan’s Syndrome Sisters released a balloon into the air or lit a candle in her memory. The vigor, strength, wisdom, boldness, kindness and love of Chrispy’s character made the choice of a red balloon an easy decision. I photo journeyed the release of my red balloon.

The photos are labeled 1-6. The photo with the number one is the pre-launch of the red balloon from our backyard. The numbers on the picture show the progression of the balloon’s movement. The release of the red balloon was similar to Chrispy’s spirit.

As the weight tore from the balloon, the balloon rapidly shot straight into the air. The balloon propelled so fast I did not think I was going to have time for a second photo. Suddenly, the red oval figure began to slow, and I bittersweetly witnessed the white string that hung from a red oval dance in the air. The white line of string swirled in the air for minutes and then suddenly shifted course. I ran to a different part of our backyard to reposition my view the balloon.

In order, to watch the red oval float into the horizon, I ended up precariously positioned on a ten-inch dirt parcel between our green rod iron fence and swimming pool. As I tried to snap additional photos of the red remembrance balloon I had little room to navigate my movements. Pinned inside a small area I choose to reflect on Chrispy’s memory instead of trying to capture a farewell photo of the red balloon.

As I attempt to watch the tiny red dot hid behind thin white clouds and I said a pray. I hope her family will feel the love from her Sheehan Sisters. I missed my friend, Chrispy. As my pray ended the dot-like sized balloon peeks out from behind a cloud.

Several times I thought the balloon was out of my vision, but then I would spot the small red dot that grew smaller and smaller. As the red dot exits my horizon, I could no longer decipher if the dot was part of a cloud cluster. The speckle of red commingles with the clouds and disappears from my view.

Chrispy, your spirit reminds me of the balloon that left my sight. Even though I am not able to see you; you are always in my world. With Much Love To Chrispy and to my other Sheehan Syndrome Sisters that have passed.


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