Blink Health Is The Cure For High Prescription Costs

Blink Health Is The Cure For High Prescription Costs

Blink Health Is The Cure For High Prescription Costs


Blink Health Is The Cure For High Prescription Costs

Incredible Prices on Generic Prescription Drugs Regardless of Your Insurance

Blink Health states 50% of Drugs are $10 or Less. Blink Health has found a way to help everyone sufficiently save on their prescription costs. 


What Is Blink Health?

Blink Health is a brilliant concept founded by two brothers, Geoffrey Chaiken, and Matthew Chaiken. The Blink Health founders realized there must be a way for average people to receive premium discounts on their prescription medication. 

Blink Health establishes relationships with national and regional pharmacies. Blink Health’s business relationships with these companies allow their consumers to receive greatly reduced prescription costs.


Where Can I Find Blink Health? 

You can find Blink Health is an App. Once, you download the App and you are ready to start receiving prescription discounts. 


Does It Cost To Join Blink Health?

Blink Health is a FREE App. Blink Health offers a $5.00 Coupon off your first transaction.  


How Does Blink Health Work? 

After you download the FREE Blink Health App you are able to search your medications. 

Blink Health offers hundreds of medications at greatly reduced retail cost.

A majority of the  time Blink Health prescription costs will be less than your prescription plan. 

You can find Blink Health prescription costs for  medications you take.

The Blink Health price is ACCEPTED at all pharmacies they are affiliated with.

Blink Health works with dozens of recognized pharmacies such as Walmart, CVS, Walgreens and numerous independent pharmacies.

There is a high probability that your pharmacy accepts Blink Health.


What Prescription Medications Does Blink Health Cover?

Blink Health covers hundreds of prescriptions medication.

You can find the list of the prescription medication  Blink Health offers, HERE.


I Found My Prescription Medication On The Blink Health Prescription List, Now What? 

You can go ahead and purchase your medication.

Blink Health will issue you a receipt for your medication that you can redeem at any of Blink Health’s network of pharmacies. (Blink Health is the Groupon of Prescription Medications)


Can Blink Health Offer Such Low Prescription Prices?

Blink Health groups patients together to leverage their purchase power. The large patient group secure significantly lower prices for medications. 

 Blink Health is also able to aggregate funds from employers, not-for-profits, and others to further lower patients’ out-of-pocket expenses.


Should I Try Blink Health?

If you want to save money on your prescription costs then Blink Health may be a terrific resource. I believe Blink Health Is The Cure For High Prescription Costs. 



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