Chronic Illness Creates Easy Pathway For Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Pain

Chronic Illness Creates Easy Pathway For Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Pain

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As a milestone in my daughter’s life unfolds I am determined not to allow my chronic illness to interfere with her moments to shine, spread her wings and absorb her new environment. 

Frustratingly, my HypoGal life is so frequent filled with chronic fatigue, chronic pain that it makes it difficult to forget my world with a chronic illness. 

We are in the final hours of the two-day Freshman Orientation at NAU. The campus is stunning, the organizational skills of the college ambassadors are impressive and the vibe screams, live here. 

I love Flagstaff and I believe my daughter will have a fabulous time in this college town. After the end of day 1 Parent Orientation my husband and drove through the college town of Flagstaff. There was a collective spirit that streams through the charming tree-lined streets. 

However, even  the unique charm of the lumberjack restaurants and bars could not make me detour from our final night’s destination; our hotel. 

The second morning of Freshman Parent Orientation resembled the action of Day 1 morning Parent Orientation, I missed it. I am not good in the morning, even when I really need to be. 

It is 2:30 pm Day 2 Parent Orientation and I am, completely MIA today. My husband and I dined in the university cafeteria with our daughter and then she showed us the newly built aquatic center, tennis center ,and gym. 

By the time, we had finished an overview of the gym my family informs me that I need to rest. I was not aware that the chronic fatigue and chronic pain I felt had most likely had seeped throughout my appearance. 

Without hesitation, I agree. Exhausted, I eagerly scour the area for the first available area to rest, relax and recharge. When I looked up from the first lounge area I discovered, I laughed. 

Oh, the irony of my HypoGal World. I had eagerly plopped drop on an oversized chair that faced Campus Health Services. I have remained glued my sit for the past hour and a half. I am meeting up with my family at 3:30 pm at the University Starbucks. 

My daughter has an appointment with her Freshman advisor at 4:00 pm. Hopefully, the extra Thermatabs and Prednisone will regenerate some much needed energy and halt the overwhelming chronic fatigue that can’t stop screaming. I am sure the chronic pain from the pull of the Relapsing Polychondritis has contributed to my chronic fatigue levels elevating. 

As 3:30 pm quickly approaches, I remind myself, “Broken Crayons Still Color” and “It Is What It Is”

So like many people with who live with chronic pain, chronic illness and chronic fatigue I will change characters and try to act like a “healthy person” for the rest of the day. 

I often feel it is not  fair to me, my family or those around me that my world is filled with a chronic illness. I need to remind myself, “I am Good Enough” and my actions are “Good Enough”.

So, do you have any shortcuts to dealing with a chronic illness? 

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