Chronic Illness Life Remedy Eat, Drink, Dance, and Be Merry

Chronic Illness Life Remedy Eat, Drink, Dance, and Be Merry

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New wellness recipe; I mixed my chronic illness life with the remedy of eat, drink, dance and be merry.

The cliche eat, drink, and be merry dates back to biblical times and is often showcased in our daily lives.

My actions over the last several days helped me to understand how cliches hold timeless truth.

When you feel boxed, trapped, suffocated by a chronic illness sometimes you have to force yourself to break out of the box and enjoy the moments.

I realize it is much easier said, written than done. However, baby steps.

I knew my weekend was going to be filled, filled in a right way. Aware of my limited energy resources I planned ahead.

Here was my strategy to have a eat, drink, dance and be merry long weekend:

  • I was low key for days ahead of the events. By low key I mean, I rested, no errands, ten hours of sleep a night, no meal prep and I did not go out in the evenings. 
  • My outfits for the weekend were planned ahead.
  • I knew how much time I was going to spend at each event.
  • The events were not early morning. I am not a morning person. Ten o’clock in the morning is early for me.

So, it is Monday, and I survived and thrived. Being out of my bubble world is terrific for my mental and physical being.

I have to note that last night towards the end of the play, “Beautiful” my left ear radiated with heat. The sensation of the heat was an instant reminder that my body does not want a push.

However, my spirit sometimes needs to push back and reminds me that my body that it is o.k. to eat, drink, dance and be merry.

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