Endorphin And Enkephalin Levels Released By Low Dose Naltrexone

Sunday, November 20

Low Dose Naltrexone Bring Relief

Endorphin And Enkephalin Levels Released By Low Dose Naltrexone

Natural hormones are always better rang through my mind as I placed the costume jewelry rings on my right ring finger. I stumbled upon these rings at vendor cart located in the gorgeous outdoor Fashion Island Plaza. I was at the plaza to indulge on my girlfriend’s in a fabulous birthday brunch at The Great Maple. After we had finished brunch, we decided to enjoy the sunshine with a stroll through the mall. We had taken about ten steps when my girlfriend spotted a vendor cart filled with bright shiny objects.

The rows of sparkly objects magnetically pulled my girlfriend and me towards the cart. My girlfriend has a stylish eye, especially when it comes to jewelry. She seamlessly mixes custom jewelry with her diamonds, pearls and creates a timeless look.

Within a minute, my girlfriend stacked a couple of rings together and produced a stunning ring ensemble. I glanced at the jewelry cart, and I tried to replicate the design expertise of my friend. I decided to stack three varies colored plated rings together. After, I looked down at my right index finger and admired my stack rings design

Excitedly, I purchased my ring creation, and I carefully listened to the ring care instructions from the jewelry cashier. The cashier reminded me not to rub oils or other lotions on the rings. I nodded, and I thought, ugh there is always a catch when merchandise tries to appear like the real deal.

Proud of my new stack rings I decided to keep them on my index finger. Over the next couple of hours, I constantly stared at the stack rings that adorned my index. I was pleased with my purchase, but I found I needed to continuous twirl the rings around my finger. I kept picking at the rings, my right index finger itched.

By nightfall, I noticed the red puffiness that surrounded my new rings. My body screamed to take the rings off my finger. As I obeyed my inner voice, I twisted and pulled off the rings. After the rings had been pulled off, I applied Cortaid Anti-Itch Lotion.

I awoke the next morning and stared down at my right hand. I grinned with relief that my right hand again appeared normal. I immediately realized my body rejected the metals on my finger. The rings looked like the real thing, but my body immediately surmised the rings were plated and not solid.

Bummer, I thought. My body does not like to be tricked and swiftly revolts. Every day I consume medication to mimic my pituitary gland function and I often appear to be physical well. I know first hand, that physical appearances may be deceive.  Despite, that my outward image frequently  resembles a body of normality, my body frequently shouts,”It needs medication that will make it feel like the real deal.” My body yearns for natural hormone replacement and not the synthetic medication that desperately tries to mimic my Endocrine System.

It is unfortunate; I am not able to resolve my Endocrine ailments as easily as my plated rings were pulled off my index finger. So, each day I balance my body with an array of medications. While I continuously hope to trick my body and prevent it from its ear piecing inner voice that hollers,” This medication is no real deal”, my success is limited.

Hopefully, one day soon the medical community will be able to produce medications that better mimics the body’s real deal.

For now, I am grateful for the medications that are available, particularly the latest off-label medication I continuous have taken over the past six months, Low Dose Naltrexone. LDN has accomplished what other medications have not been able to provide me- energy. There is a medical theory that Low Dose Naltrexone inhibits opioids receptors, and this blockage forces the body to increase production of endorphins and enkephalins.

Numerous medical experts believe regular doses of low-dose naltrexone can be used to increase a patient’s endorphin and enkephalin levels and help with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, MS, Parkinson’s and other autoimmune diseases.

Thankfully, Low Dose Naltrexone has helped my body produce endorphins and has relieved some of the inactions of my body’s hormones.

If you have an off label or natural remedy that has helped you, please let me know. Email me at Lisa@HypoGal.com.

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