If You Read One Article About Fake News Read This One


Why Does Fake New Spread

If You Read One Article About Fake News Read This One

It is Monday night, my emotions begin to stabilize as the toll of Fake News begins to simmer.  

Over the weekend my emotions swirl downward, the inflammation that has taken hold of my body continues to flare and spread to different cartilage areas.

I wave the white surrender flag, but my body does not comprehend this symbolic gesture.

My energy level is an uphill climb that does not rebound quickly.

Just as my body’s energy level quickly decays my emotional state is fragile.

My already rollercoaster of emotions began to crash on Saturday when my request to a family member not to send me any more political commentary is met with inappropriate words.

Instead of acknowledging my request I endure a rage of harsh words.

The words stab my soul. I have a small family. 

Yet, I give up!

I will never understand why people send unsolicited political commentary.

Hello, know your audience, especially if it is a family member or friend.

The real kicker is the political email I received was Fake News!

As pathetic as it was to receive this repulsive email the fact that it was Fake News made it even worse.

When I blog about a topic, I include my resources.

It was sad but not surprising as I inquire about the credibility of the political email from the sender, and the reply was no comment.

If I blog, The United States President says, “The Sky Is Falling,” I am going to reference my resources.

My long emotional story went full circle last night as I read several medical files from the Sheehan’s Syndrome Online Group.

The Adrenal Insufficiency medical report from Endocrinologist Dr. Friedman resonates and lingers. 

Here is a snippet:
Because of their inability to respond to stress, patients with adrenal insufficiency should especially try to limit their stress.

This is advice I give to all patients, but this is especially true for those with adrenal insufficiency.

For example, if seeing your uncle causes stress, you should avoid seeing your uncle, if possible. If arguing with your spouse causes stress, try not to argue with your spouse. Most of these are common sense things and often very hard for a patient to do.

There is no medicine to treat stress. If stress is accompanied with anxiety or depression, it is often helpful to treat the anxiety or depression with a medicine. There are some supplements that are purported to reduce stress; however, most of these have not been well tested.

You can read Dr. Friedman’s entire article, HERE.

Dr. Theodore Friedman’s, Good Hormone Health Website offers a wealth of Endocrine information.

I have come full circle, I am not able to control much in my HypoGal World, yet I do not have to welcome in Fake News.

My resources include How Fake News Spreads.






This HypoGal Blog post, “If You Read One Article About Fake News Read This One” is up close, personal and hopefully insightful. 

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