Low Testosterone In Women , Five Symptoms You Need To Know

What Are The Five Symptoms

of Low Testosterone In Women?



I was not aware women produced or needed testosterone until I developed Sheehan’s Syndrome. Women produce testosterone in their adrenal glands and in their ovaries. Women produce the highest amount of testosterone in her twenties and their testosterone level degree as they age.

My life with Sheehan’s Syndrome has caused me to realize the importance of testosterone as part of my Hypopituitary replacement medication.

A women’s endocrine system produces Testosterone if a women’s body does not produce enough testosterone than women may experience a difficult time with:

1.  Low Testosterone May Contribute To Weight Gain In Women

As women age hormones change. The shift in women’s hormones during midlife appears in muscle tone and bone density. Low testosterone can contribute to the body’s muscle mass change to fat tissue.

2. Low Testosterone Can Contribute To Anxiety, Mood Swings and Depression

Low Testosterone can cause hormonal fluctuation that cause changes in brain chemistry. The changes in brain chemistry can trigger symptoms of anxiety, mood springs and depression.

3. Low Testosterone May Degree A Women’s Libido

Testosterone affects a women’s sex drive similar to low testosterone in men. Women with Low Testosterone may experience:

  • Low sex drive or lack of interest in sex
  • Vaginal dryness

4. Trouble Concentrating May Be Contributed To Low Testosterone

Low Testosterone in women can cause these symptoms:

  • Women to experience forgetfulness
  • Difficulty with concentration
  • Inability to focus on easy task

5. Thinning Hair/ Hair Loss For Women With Low Testosterone Levels

The symptoms of low Testosterone in women may reveal in thinning hair or hair loss.
If you have low testosterone you may notice:

  • You need to shave fewer times each week
  • Your hair may appear coarse

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