Most People Do Not Want To Be Unknowingly Murdered

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Most people do not want to be unknowingly murdered however their lack of medical care make cause their demise.


why you need a second medical opinion

This HypoGal Blog Health Life Lesson post is about a gentleman’s house that is smothering in flames, but there is no rain on the horizon.

I feel the quirkiness of this patient’s symptoms screams, Autoimmune.

I not a medical doctor, medical except nor do I have any medical experience besides being a professional patient, but I want to shout, FIRE!

I want to tell this person his body is most likely riddled with inflammation.

Perhaps, this patient’s Autoimmune tests have already been exhausted. I do not know; it is a private matter.

I feel saddened and helpless as this gentleman’s health continues to decline.

From afar I watch this well-educated man’s health crumble.

This ill person’s environment is full of brilliant friends, family, colleagues yet his illness is eating away at his body the way birds feast on park leftovers.

I want to parlay my survivor instincts to him.

This man’s endearing quality may also contribute to his steady decline; his loyalty.

The man’s loyalty to his doctor may endanger his health.

Numerous times before this patient was hospitalized his doctor was dismissive of his symptoms.

Two days after his doctor appointment an ambulance is needed to take him to the Emergency Room.

The ambulance ride may have saved his life.

Being taken by ambulance to the hospital enables him to receive an array of labs tests quickly.

Once in the Emergency Room doctors admit him into the hospital for additional tests.

Weeks come, weeks go, and he is still in the hospital.

From the hospital, this weak person goes to a rehabilitation faulty.

A month comes, a month goes, he goes home from the rehab center.

Who does this patient see for medical care once he comes home from the rehabilitation center?

No, this is not a knock-knock joke?

The loyal man goes to see his doctor.

Loyalty is fabulous.

However, placing your loyalty over your health needs makes for a terrible knock-knock joke.

Let me put this another way;

You take your car to the mechanic because you are pushing down on the car’s gas pedal and your car will not go would not faster pass 55 mph per hour.

The mechanic looks at your car and tells you your car is okay.

With a sigh, the mechanic states to you that perhaps, your car is getting older and your vehicle is just not able to go up to 55 mph?

You struggle with the mechanic’s statement because your car is well-maintained, and is only five years old.

Wouldn’t you take your car to get checked out by another mechanic?

This loyal man needs to learn about second medical opinions.


I hope you have found this health reference, Most People Do Not Want To Be Unknowingly Murdered insightful.


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