My Medical Experience At The National Institutes Of Health

My medical experience at the National Institutes Of Health confirms the rarity and complexity of Relapsing Polychondritis, the limited R.P. medical data and hope of a Relapsing Polychondritis cure.

My last two days at the National Institutes Of Health are filled with;

  • Medical appointments with different specialist
  • Lab tests
  • Pulmonary Function Tests
  • Echo Cardiograph
  • A couple of CT’s
  • Audio testing
  • Eye testing

I am grateful to have the National Institutes Of Health on my medical team.

National Institutes Of health eye clinic


The eye chart above is from the NIH eye clinic


I find the doctors, nurses and staff at the NIH to be;

  • Welcoming
  • Generous with their time
  • Extremely knowledgable
  • Open minded
  • Sympathetic to my challenging medical journey
  • Advocates for my health

As I wait for the rest of my test results I know the medication I use to treat my Relapsing Polychondritis disease will be change.

Hopefully, my new medication will place my Relapsing Polychondritis into remission.

My experience at the National Institutes Of Health comes with a mixture of emotions;

  • The sadness of grasping the rareness Relapsing Polychondritis
  • Validation from top medical experts that Relapsing Polychondritis is a complex disease that may manifest in areas of the body
  • A sense of pride that our nation has incredible technology
  • Gratitude that a doctor can be your advocate

For now it is a wrap at the National Institutes Of Health.

Tonight, I am in our nation’s capital and I plan to enjoy some down time.

The doctor heading the Relapsing Polychondritis told me that he would phone me tomorrow about pending test results.

For now, no additional news is good news.


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