NIH Admissions With D.C. Tour And Lemonheads On Pennsylvania Avenue

NIH Admissions With D.C. Tour And Lemonheads On Pennsylvania Avenue  

Today is a wrap.

My NIH Admissions With D.C. Tour and Lemonheads on Pennsylvania Avenue are memorable moments. 

My Sunday late morning begins with me checking into the admission department at the National Institutes Of Health.


Below a photo of my husband as we walk over to the NIH Admissions

Husband at NIH admissions

My brain fog mind does not register the energetic assistant’s  joke when she tells me the administrations office just closed.

I look down at my watch and reply,  it is not 12 and isn’t the admissions department open all day?

She smiles widely and I understand she is kidding.

The NIH administrator then promptly escorts my husband and I into a small room.

Inside the small office the woman goes through my information and she asks me an array of questions.

What nationality are you? I think she is surprised when I reply Hispanic. I chose mix culture box to best describe myself.

After my questions and answers session with the Administrator she kindly offers to show me where my first appointment will be tomorrow.

When my husband and I finish with my admission paperwork we decide to make our way to downtown D.C.

We travel from the National Institutes Of Health via the Red Line Metro to D.C.’s Downtown China Town. 

D.C. Downtown China

After a short stroll through China Town we dine on a delicious crab cakes and eggs lunch  at D.C.’s oldest restaurant , Old Ebbit Grill.

The Old Ebbit Grill is a half block to The White House. 

One of my funniest moments is watching a police officer guarding Pennsylvia Avenue enjoying Lemonhead candy. 

The group of policemen welcomes my request to take their picture.  Thank You, Officers! 

I believe they call the police officer, Lemonhead Mike. 

Lemonheads On Pennsylvania Ave 



Here are several photos of historic sites, The White House, Washington Monument, and World World Two Monument. 

The Washington D.C. Tour


What is the price of freedom

What are Best Washington DC sites


Our day is well spent.


I hope you find NIH Admissions With D.C. Tour And Lemonheads On Pennsylvania Avenue insightful. 


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