Pituitary World News Dr. Lewis Blevins Comment Highlights Narrow Thinking


Pituitary World News Dr. Lewis Blevins Comment Highlights Narrow Thinking

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I was not planning to blog today, but I am upset by Pituitary World News Co-Founder Dr. Lewis Blevins Facebook Post.

Here is the Pituitary World News Facebook Post by Dr. Lewis Blevins;

It is said that a doctor who diagnoses and treats himself has a fool for a doctor and a fool for a patient.

In this day and age of Google, one must say the same thing about patients who self-diagnose and insist they have diseases they truly don’t.

Sadly, there are doctors out there who, for unclear reasons, buy into it, and treat creating havoc.

Yes…its been one of those days! The role of a specialist is not only to diagnose and treat, but also to refute diagnoses and proclaim treatment as unneeded when necessary.


My reply without hesitant is Shame on you Pituitary World News for this post!

So many Pituitary patients see numerous doctors before they receive a diagnosis for a rare disease, especially a Pituitary Disease.

Even when a patient has a diagnosis of Pituitary Insufficiency, the treatment can be subjective from different Endocrinologist.

One style of treatment does not fit the needs of all that suffer from Hypopituitary.

I posted a comment today beneath the Facebook post because I so adamantly disagree with Dr. Lewis Blevin.

Here is my recap why Dr. Blevin story is wrong and may have an adverse impact on patients treatment:

How Three Medical Experts Almost Killed Me

If I Did Not Google Search And Advocate For Myself, I Would Be Dead!

My First Medical Near Death Experience

Sadly numerous medical doctors told me I could not have a pituitary disorder because it was too rare.

After tearful request an Endocrinologist, Dr. O’Connor runs some blood tests to confirm Hypopituitary.

My husband and I listen to Dr. O’Connor review my lab results.
In tears I remind her of all my symptoms:

  • low blood pressure
  • dizziness walking
  • dizzy standing
  • my stomach has sharp pains
  • beyond fatigue- every muscle screamed in pain
  • in eight months I had lost over 80 pounds since the arrival of my daughter. I was 5’9 and a size 0.
  • I was not hungry but craved salt
  • brain fog
  • major depression
  • losing my hair by the handful

As I finish my list of symptoms Dr. O’Connor reminds my husband and me that she is the Head of the Hospital and she is the driver of the bus, we are just passengers.

Again, I question my low blood pressure 90/60?

Dr. O’Connor reply that I am in terrific shape.

I say again, I feel terrible, I can’t function and I feel like I am dying.

Depression she says to my husband. Dr. O’Connor goes on to inform my husband I need psychiatric help.

O.K. I agree. I need psychiatric help because I can not stop crying, sore all over, and I can’t live this way. I am not able to take care of my children.

Dr. O’Connor explains to my husband and me that if I had a Pituitary Disorder, then my Growth Hormone IGF1 lab results would be low. In Pituitary Diseases, Growth Hormone is the first hormone to become depleted.

I ask what if I am rare? If the disease is rare then maybe the Growth Hormone is not the first to hormone to leave my body.

You do not have a Pituitary Disease because your Growth Hormone is fine and your A.M Cortisol and ACTH are within normal range Dr. O’ Connor tells me in a tone that a parent is disciplining a child.

Due to Dr. O’Connor ‘s sharp tone, I try to tell myself I am healthy. I think maybe, I am crazy and depressed. I do not feel healthy.

My body screams that I am not healthy!

I continue to lose weight, fall over in dizziness and sleep all day.

The weeks past and I have an appointment with a brilliant psychologist that once studied Endocrinology.

It is evident to this Psychologist that I am sick and not depressed.

I feel relieved but with little answers.

A friend refers me to Dr. Larry Froch at U.C.L.A. Doctor Froch is not an Endocrinologist but quickly suspects Sheehan’s Syndrome aka Hypopituitarism.

A skeptical Endocrinologist Medical Specialist, Dr. Van Herle is surprised when my lab results confirm no compound S. I am very sick.

Dr. Van Herle prescribes medication, but my knowledge of this rare chronic disease is limited.

My lack of cortisol lands me back at U.C.L.A. with sharp stomach pains. Dr. Van Herle tells me nothing is wrong with me.

I now know from “Google” that stomach pains are a sign of adrenal insufficiency.

Also, Growth Hormone usually is the first hormone to be depleted with Hypopituitary. However, I believe nothing is so-called normal when you have a rare disease.

Medical Story 2
My Pulmonary Medical Specialist Almost Killed Me

I am not able to breathe. I know I have asthma, but I can’t breathe.

It is Friday afternoon, and I feel like I am gasping through a straw for each breath. I do not know what to do?

I was released from the hospital two weeks earlier for shortness of breath.

During my last bout of shortness of breath, I was in the hospital for chest pain. The chest pain was extreme, and I was taken in the middle of the night by ambulance to the Emergency Room.

At the hospital, I have a CT of my chest, and my Pulmonologist tells me I have Pleurisy.

I state that I did not believe my Pleurisy diagnosis because I in too much pain.

My Pulmonary, Dr. Schiffman assures me that Pleurisy is painful. I said this is more than painful. I should be dead from this pain. A few days later I am released from the hospital.

But, I am not able to breathe. My husband brings me to the Emergency Room, and Dr. Schiffman is on duty.

Dr. Shiffman orders an X-Ray that returns clear.

I say to Dr. Schiffman that I am about to die.

Dr. Schiffman asks my husband to join him in the hallway and begins in with your wife is suffering from depression.

With a smile, Dr. Schiffman returns from the hall, volunteers to write me a Xanax prescription and ask me to leave the Emergency Room.

Long Story short- I breakdown. Dr. Schiffman orders a VQ Scan and my lungs are fill of hundreds of embolisms. One embolism can kill you.

The Radiologist had misread my CT scan two weeks prior.

Dr. Schiffman tells me his punishment for not believing me is that he has to type my long list of Hypopituitary medication into the hospital computer.

Medical Story 3
My Gastrointestinal Doctor Almost Killed Me/ My Health 

My food intake has Hypermobility. Everything I eat leaves my body with minutes.

I have nausea, and I keep losing weight.

I inform Dr. Trenbeath about my Sheehan’s Syndrome and Pulmonary Embolism’s.

Dr. Trenbeath tells me I am a new mom that suffers from depression.

Yes, I say to Dr. Trenbeath I am depressed because I am not able to keep any nutrients in my body. I am frail.

Dr. Tenbeath tells me I am fine.

I ask Dr. Trenbeath for medical tests, and he says, no.

I demand medical examinations.

Dr. Trenbeath performs medical tests and tells me I am fine.

Within a year my colon perforates from Diverticulitis.

My operating surgeon could not believe I had a colonoscopy a year prior.

Medical Story 4
Relapsing Polychondritis Self-Diagnosed From A Google Search/ My Health Reference

My confirmation of Relapsing Polychondritis came from a Google Search in my doctor’s lobby.

I end up in the Emergency Room because my left ear became red and pimple like forms surround the ear.

I keep telling the Emergency Room doctors and hospital doctors that whatever I have is not affecting my ear lobe. However, both my ears are scorching like they are on fire.

In the hospital, I convey that whatever I have is also under my ribcage in my right arm and the different portions of my cartilage above my ankles.

As the redness spreads to my other ear the doctors decide to place me in contamination room inside of the hospital- that is for another blog.

Another long story short- My release from the hospital came without a diagnosis; my body pumped full of antibiotics and steroids.

A couple of days later I show my primary doctor photos of Red Ear from my Google Search and pictures of my red ears days before.

My doctor is familiar with Relapsing Polychondritis and says, yes it seems like Relapsing Polychondritis.

Sadly, I have several other blatant medical neglect stories.

I would like to note that there are numerous fabulous, hard-working, knowledge medical experts.

Sadly, I feel the high demands on medical experts make medical offices seem more like a fast food drive-throughs.

Dr. Lewis Blevins words alarm me.

I think a Doctor is a fool if they discount or dismiss patients concerns.

I can see if now Dr. Blevins, Dr. O’Connor, Dr. Schiffman and Dr. Trenbeath all in medical practice together.

As for Pituitary World News, shame on you!

I hope this HypoGal blog health reference, Pituitary World News Dr. Lewis Blevins Comment Highlights Narrow Thinking has been insightful.

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