What Are The Best Anti-Inflammatory Foods To Eat

What Are The Best Anti-Inflammatory Foods

What Are The

Best Anti-Inflammatory Foods To Eat

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My life with Relapsing Polychondritis has made me aware of the importance of anti-inflammatory foods.

What Is Relapsing Polychondritis? (Health Reference)

Relapsing Polychondritis is a rare, chronic disorder of the cartilage.

The “Relapsing” characterizes the recurrent of inflammation to the various cartilage with the body.

“Poly” in Polychondritis conveys the inflammation occurs in more than one cartilage.

“Chondritis” refers to inflammation of the cartilage.

When Relapsing Polychondritis occurs, tissues that contain cartilage become inflamed.

The inflammation of cartilage may occur in one or several parts of the body.

The cartilage in the body that Relapsing Polychondritis affects:

  • Ears
  • Nose
  • Joints
  • Spine Windpipe (trachea)

The eyes, heart, and blood vessels, which have a biochemical makeup similar to that of cartilage, can also be affected.  

Relapsing Polychondritis is known as the Red Ear Syndrome.

Numerous days my red, tender ears scream in pain.

The pain quickly reminds me to do everything in my power to reduce inflammation.

Besides my medicine cabinet full of supplement, anti-inflammatory foods are part of my daily diet.

Most my life I have eaten Lemons.

I often quarter a couples lemons and then eat the yellow, juicy, sweet-sour fruit without any condiments.

I believe the body often craves what you need.

In my case, it is anti-inflammatory foods. Except for Kale and Walnuts, the anti-inflammatory foods listed below are part of my daily diet.

I do not eat Walnuts or any other nut or seed because I have Diverticulitis. I should try Walnut butter. I do like Almond butter.

You can read about my journey with Diverticulitis and Diverticulosis, Here.


I am not sure if my anti-inflammatory foods slows down my Relapsing Polychondritis flares, but I find these foods are definitely worth incorporating into my diet.

 What Are The Best Anti-Inflammatory Foods To Eat:

Flaxseed: Have a high amount of  Omega-3, phytonutrient, and antioxidants that help hormone balance, cellular health. within the Flaxseed helps inflammation.

Green Tea: Contains anti-inflammatory polyphenols that help the adverse effects of inflammation.

Turmeric: Have high levels of the anti-inflammatory property Curcumin. The Curcumin within Turmeric is a strong anti-inflammatory.

Cantaloupe: This fruit on a vine has plenty of anti-inflammatory phytonutrients and contains high amounts of vitamin A and vitamin C.

Avocado: Contain anti-inflammatory fatty acids that may suppress the effects of two chemicals in the body that cause inflammation.

Walnuts: The high omega 3 fatty acids,  antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory help protect your body against metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular ailments, and type two diabetes.

Lemon: Has anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory vitamin C. Lemons contain a dietary component necessary for the synthesis of collagen.  It is collagen that helps to build and repair blood vessels, ligaments, and tendons.

Berries and Cherries: Contain the strong anti-inflammatory Quercetin and antioxidants such as anthocyanins. The anti-inflammatory of Berries and Cherries protect against diseases such as cancer, arthritis, and dementia.

Pineapple: Is high in anti-inflammatory enzyme bromelain. Bromelain is used is reduce inflammation, treat hay fever, slow clotting, and prevent pulmonary edema.

Kale: Is high in vitamin K, contains 45 antioxidants and anti-inflammatory flavonoids which make it an anti-inflammatory powerhouse.

Garlic: Contains a high amount of anti-inflammatory sulfur-containing compounds. The enzymes in Garlic are great because they fight viruses and clear out the sinuses.

Broccoli: Is high in both Potassium and Magnesium. It contains anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants phytonutrients that work to lower oxidative stress in the body and help battle chronic inflammation.

I hope this HypoGal Blog Post, What Are The Best Anti-Inflammatory Foods To Eat has been insightful.

Please, note the best anti-inflammatory food list above is a particular list.  There are additional anti-inflammatory foods but I felt these high anti-inflammatories foods would be easy to incorporate into your daily diet.

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