What Is The Bristol Stool Chart?

WHAT IS THE BRISTOL STOOL CHART?The Bristol Stool Chart Shows You What Your Poop Means?

Meyer's Stool Chart  

What Is The Bristol Stool Chart?

 As people age, poop, stool, number two is not a topic that most individual desire to share in their daily conversation.

If you wonder or question,

  • What Does My Poop Mean?

  • Why Is My Poop Like Rabbit Pallets?

  • How Come My Bowel Movement Is So Large?

  • What Is That Food In My Bowel Movement?

  • Why Does My Poop Look Like A Snake?

The answer to, What Does My Poop Mean?, To Better Understand Your Poop and What Your Poop Is Telling You  and all the questions above can be found on the Bristol Stool Chart is also known as the Meyers Scale.

The Bristol Stool Chart is a Medical Tool that helps doctors to better understand your health. 

Your poop or stool may be an important tool in the diagnoses of a medical condition.

There are seven types of stool listed on the Bristol Scale.

If your stool is Type 1 or Type 2 on the Bristol Scale, then you are most likely constipated.

If your stool sample is Type 3 or Type 4 on the Bristol Scale, you have perfect poop. Your poop is ideal if it can easily pass without being too watery.

If your stool is watery, lacks form as in Bristol Scale Type 5, Type 6 and Type 7 then your stool is most likely diarrhea.

Diarrhea is a symptom that your body is inflamed.

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