Why Election Day, November 8, 2016, Causes Me To Question Social Rights, Taxes and International Policy

Why Election Day, November 8, 2016, Causes Me To Question Social Rights, Taxes, and International Policy

Hillary Clinton Vince Foster Scandal

The 58th United States presidential election will occur in several months, November 8th to be exact.

I vote. I have always voted.

Like many Americans, I am a bit taken back by the Republican and Democratic candidates.

I do not like the idea of voting for the candidate I dislike the least.

Both Party’s Presidential candidates do not appear to be trustworthy, honest or to have a moral compass.

Without a doubt, Hilary Clinton is an ambitious, well-read, intelligent woman, who has chosen to devote her life to public service.

Unfortunately, along with Hilary Clinton’s political experience comes questions:

  • The illegally use of unsecured private email to conduct government business.
  • As Secretary Of The United States she reduced security in Libya.
  • Her lack of military support with the Benghazi Embassy questions if she can navigate foreign policy effectively.

Questions linger about her boundaries of power throughout the decades:

  • The scandals of Vince Foster
  • IRS abuse of power
  • Her participation in unauthorized high-level security meetings when she was the First Lady.

Hillary Clinton’s political performance encourages me to welcome the choice of another Presidential running mate.

The choice of Donald Trump alerts me. I absolutely understand how American’s desires change.

I fear the changes America desires will be poorly executed by Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has a history of being overzealous about the ease of his programs.

My partial list of concerns about Donald Trump as our national leader are numerous:

  • Several of Donald Trump’s speeches and snide loose lip comments demonstrate his lack of diplomacy.
  • The Trump University appears to have given many students the impression of instant rags to riches formula. The Trump University seems to have provided limited tools to achieve success.
  • Personal profit over people seems to theme for Mr. Trump. There are countless stories about vendors that worked on Trump projects that were not paid or underpaid after Trump’s corporation declared bankruptcy. Mr. Trump businesses seem to have mastered the ins and outs of the United States bankruptcy courts.
  • The comment, ” I always wanted on of these,” when he accepted The Purple Heart from a war veteran. Mr. Trump’s comment sounds inappropriate for a person who dodged military service with claims of a disability.
  • I find it disturbing that Mr. Trump’s questions the integrity of Clinton’s marriage. Mr. Trump own colorful past makes his martial remarks about Hillary Clinton seem hypocritical.

I am not a fan of either of Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Trump. 

Like a majority of United States citizens I have a Presidential wish list.

Here is my Commander and Chief  wish list:

  • Strong foreign policy leadership that places the well-being of the United States first.
  • A President believes in Choice:

           You can marry who you want
           A woman has choice over her reproductive options

  • The influence of N.R.A. would not hinder the extension of gun safety programs.

A President who would simplify our tax code:

  • Eliminate estate taxes
  • Replace the complicated tax code system with a flat tax system
  • Universal Healthcare for U.S. Citizens that reside in the United States.

The funding of the National Healthcare System would be without the expectation of private business funds.

This is why Election Day, November 8, 2016, causes me to question social rights, taxes and international policy

As the Presidential Election day approaches, I would like to post that I appreciate the democracy of our country, the individuals that give so much to protect our freedom and the right to vote.

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