Why My World Would End Without Chronic Illness Life Hacks

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Why my world would end with chronic illness life hacks


My plan B the MetroLink seems to be a fabulous alternative to driving to meet my girlfriend for lunch.

Taking the MetroLink is one of my life hacks with a chronic illness.

Without my life hacks my world would end. I would not be able to do much in my world or any of it.

So, today, I am off to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

It was my friend’s birthday last week, and we live several hours apart, so we usually meet halfway to hang out, catch up and celebrate birthdays.

This friend goes back several decades. She is a type of friend who is close to my heart, and I consider our relationship more like sisters from another mother.

We share stories, what do you think experiences and how would you handle these questions.

She is the type of friend I can call when my heart is full or running on empty. She gets me. We get each other.

I need some catch-up time with my friend.

I can travel but my arm, my body is not up to driving the often gridlock traffic of Los Angeles.

So, plan B. I enjoy like Los Angeles and I miss seeing the towering buildings that fill the Los Angeles skyline.

I use to work in downtown Los Angeles so I came up with the idea to meet my girlfriend in downtown L.A. for lunch.

My girlfriend liked the idea so downtown it is.

Fortunately, my arm is feeling better the numerous cortisone injections into my right arm, and shoulder two weeks ago have relieved a large percentage of my throbbing pain.

The shoulder MRI I took last week reported that I have Adhesive Capsulitis also known as Frozen Shoulder.

What Is Adhesive Capsulitis a.k.a. Frozen Shoulder:

Wikipedia defines Adhesive Capsulitis: (also known as frozen shoulder) is a painful and disabling disorder of unclear cause in which the shoulder capsule, the connective tissue surrounding the glenohumeral joint of the shoulder, becomes inflamed and stiff, greatly restricting motion and causing chronic pain.

I have little doubt a chronic illness triggers the cause of my Frozen Shoulder. In my case, the illness is Relapsing Polychondritis.

Here are some references about Frozen Shoulder and Relapsing Polychondritis:



I am proud of myself that I thought of a plan B.

My plan B is sitting on the MetroLink heading to Los Angeles.

I should be arriving in the Los Angeles Downtown Union Station in about thirty minutes.

My MetroLink ride to Los Angeles is about an hour and twenty minutes.

It is peaceful inside the MetroLink, and I enjoy glancing out the window as I type this blog.

As a bonus, you can ride the Metro all day for $10.00! Thanks, MetroLink.

The point of this HypoGal Blog is that you need to look for alternative options when you have a chronic illness.

Here are some of my health references/ health tip hacks with a chronic illness:

  • I order almost everything online. I love Amazon Prime!
  • It is o.k. to say, No.
  • My house does not have to be that clean.
  • Let It Go! Thanks- Heidi
  • Stay Away From Negative Energy.
  • Ponytails are my favorite hairstyle.
  • Gym clothes are awesome even if you do not work-out.
  • Google Scholar is my Free 24/7 medical reference.
  • Second medical opinions are a must.
  • Try to schedule your doctor’s appointment at the end of the day or first appointment after lunch.
  • Join online groups that interest you. These groups can help you feel connected to the outside world and give you a sense of community. Yahoo offers a variety of groups from Book Clubs, History to an illness you battle.
  • If you want to meet some people but you are not sure how then MeetUp is a terrific option.

Life with a chronic illness can be lonely and your ability to make new friendships limited. MeetUp is a fabulous way to connect with people in your community that share similar interest.

I am also at the Los Angeles Union Station- yay!



I hope this HypoGal Blog Health Tip, Why My World Would End Without Chronic Illness Life Hacks has been insightful.

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