Why Vacations With A Chronic Illness Make My Life Easier

Why Vacations With A Chronic Illness Make My Life Easier

The week is long the week is short as our family vacation comes to an end.

As I blog this HypoGal post, I take a deep breath of the ocean air.

My weak lungs happily swallow gulps of the sea air, whereas my body is doing what it is supposed to do: lye on a lounge chair.

I am on vacation with my family.

If you look at me right now, I could be the poster woman for invisible diseases.

A quick glimpse me, and you would never guess my lungs are full of emboli, I have to medicate 24/7 to survive, I involuntary jerk with a nerve disorder and I battle a rare cartilage disease that causes my body’s cartilage to become damaged.

I am a real mess! LOL!

My Life Lesson/ Health Tip References:

  • Do Not Judge A Person By How They Appear
  • Looks Can Deceive!

My Other Life Lesson/ Health References:

  • Everyone has a story; a battle so please be kind.
  • Before my illness, I thought I was kind, but I did not get it until I got it.

My friends in similar chronic poor health worlds understand the phase above well.

I have spoken to several girlfriends that have significant health conditions and their outlook on vacations are all the same:

  • Go if you can. I agree.
  • On vacation, the often self-imposed stress ball of the house is left behind.
  • It does not matter if the clothes are clean, the refrigerator is empty, or phone calls go answered.
  • More significantly there will be zero doctor appointments, ugh unless there is an emergency.
  • Daily medication is in a sorted for the vacation so one more item off the daily list.

An additional bonus for me: I just have time, time for my girls.

Even though it is beyond my control, I struggle that my girls did not receive the mothering they need.

I do my best, they know I do my best, and my girls are incredible young people.

However, I feel terrible that there are blocks of years in their young life where I was M.I.A.

I realize, life happens, but my children have seen me in some dark moments.

As my dark times erode, I always try to do a family fun day or a short vacation.

This vacation is a week. A week well spent. Memories are made, adventures accomplished and we will have fun stories to recall.

Our week vacation is being spent in Puerto Valletta. The cost of a Mexican getaway works well for our family budget.

So, if you are looking to get away, you might want to place a Mexican beach city on your list.

We were lucky to score a $300.00 non-stop round trip airfare from Los Angeles to Puerto Valletta.

To make the cost of our vacation even better the dollar is strong against the peso. We were able to find a top ranked all inclusive resort that was budget friendly.

As an added perk we were upgraded to a two bedroom ocean view suite- yay! My girls were excited they did not have to sleep in the living room.

Our vacation and this day begin to fade, and we are off to the airport.

We are happy to have a getaway, but our family agrees there is no place like home.

Here are some photos from our vacation:

A Family Selfie



Lots Of Me Time 🙂 



My Husband Swims Laps In The Pool


family vacation with chronic illness


Happy Summer To All!

I hope you are able to vacation. Staycations are fabulous too!

A change of scenery does the body, mind, and spirit well.


I hope you have found my Health Reference, Why Vacation With A Chronic Illness Make My Life Easier insightful.

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