You Can Order Your Lab Tests Without A Doctor’s Prescription

Yes, You Can Order Your Lab Tests Without A Doctor’s Prescription.

Health Tests Direct provides you with the ability to have lab tests without your doctor’s lab test prescription.

Why Health Tests Direct?

  • Why Health Tests Direct? Choosing Health Test Direct is an easy answer, especially if you do not have medical insurance. Consumers can order all of the lab tests their doctor prescribes for a fraction of the cash price.
  • Serious medical conditions can go undetected for up to two years—without noticeable symptoms. A blood chemistry wellness test provides the best warning indicator to medical issues. The earlier a medical problem is detected, the more likely it is treatable.
  • Many consumers are under-insured, have high deductibles, or health plans without a wellness benefit. Health Tests Direct is a valuable medical resource that can save you substantial money.
  • If you do not have a doctor it is not a problem at Health Tests Direct. Having your own doctor is a non-issue! Health Tests Direct understands that sometimes you want a specific blood test done but do not need to talk to a doctor or have the time or money. Health Tests Direct solves many consumers problem of limited funds and time. Health Tests Direct doctors write your prescription so you can skip that expensive doctor’s visit! You can also skip the waiting for a doctor’s appointment, and you can also save up to 81% on your lab tests.

Quest Diagnostics And LabCorp

Health Tests Direct has provided consumers with a choice of lab tests and discounted prices from the #1 and #2 largest blood testing laboratories in the USA!

Health Tests Direct enables you to choose and order your own blood tests from either of the “Top-Two” labs in the USA: Quest Diagnostics or LabCorp!

Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp are two of the most reputable and trusted blood testing labs in the USA.

With Health Tests Direct you can have access throughout the United States to Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp clinical laboratory testing.

The 4,000-plus blood drawing sites Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp operate mean that there likely a lab testing site near your home or work.

Health Tests Direct provides an easy to read lab menu and their lab test pricing makes it possible for you to determine your greatest potential savings.

Health Tests Direct allows you to compare prices between Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp lab tests. You can compare prices of lab tests before ordering any lab tests from either company. 

I applaud that Health Tests Direct offers individuals the ability to have specific lab tests without a doctor’s lab prescription.

Here Is How Health Tests Direct Works

The clinic will draw your blood when you present them with a written blood test order, or “Authorization Form” (you print the authorization form directly from the Health Tests Direct website. )

Your Authorization Form is signed by a Health Tests Direct staff physician (your own physician’s signature is NOT needed). Health Tests Direct does not charge you for their staff physician signature.

Health Tests Direct will then arrange directly with one or the other of the nation’s two largest federally and state accredited analytical laboratories (Quest Diagnostics; LabCorp) to analyze your blood and send your test results to our staff physician.

When Health Tests Direct receives your lab tests results, they will send your lab test results directly and confidentially to you. Your lab test results will not go to your doctor or to anyone else unless you specifically instruct Health Tests Direct to do so.

Health Tests Direct enable you now have direct access to primary clinical laboratory testing across the USA for those critical blood chemistry and wellness tests.

Another valuable benefit of Health Tests Direct is that it enables many consumers that are under-insured or have high medical deductibles or health plans without a wellness benefit to obtain lab testing.

It is a sad reality that many people on limited budgets may not be able to afford a doctor’s appointment and lab tests.

Please know that I am not promoting that you do not seek medical care, nor am I a medical expert.

However, I do want people to know there are medical options when it comes to lab tests.

The following is a snapshot of Health Tests Direct Price Menu:

health tests direct

                                 Health Tests Direct Sample Pricing Menu


Health Test Direct Reviews

I have not used Health Tests Direct lab tests services.

Even though I have not used Health Tests Direct lab test services, I believe their concept is incredible!

I have read through numerous Health Tests Direct reviews.

The reviews on Health Tests Direct are mixed.

The following are what some Health Tests Direct users wrote about their experience:

1. Since they work with Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp, HTD has over 4,000 CLIA-certified lab facilities around the nation. They charge a $10 fee for cancellations and offer a discount of up to 81% on over 400 tests for paying with a credit card. They provide a secure checkout and deliver results within 2-3 business days. Tests can be purchased at any time.

2. HTD offers a good selection of laboratory tests from the most basic to some comprehensive options. Their site leaves much to be desired with health information and additional resources and is not as user-friendly as one would hope. However, their service is just as convenient as any other direct-to-consumer laboratory test service and their prices can be more affordable than those offered by similar competitors.

3. HTD is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau yet hold an A+ rating with the organization. They don’t offer any additional health-related services besides frequently asked questions regarding direct-to-consumer blood tests.

In 2018 Consumer Advocates published their ten top direct lab test companies.

Amongst Consumer Advocates top ten 2018 choices of direct lab test companies were:

  • Ultra Lab Tests
  • Inside Tracker
  • Direct Labs
  • Health Tests Direct was the number 10th position.

Here is the weblink to review the 2018 Consumer Advocates top ten direct lab test companies.

I realize science is subjective, expensive and changing.

Direct lab testing companies allow us to keep us with medical change.

Cheers to Health Tests Direct and all their competitors!




I hope you have found, You Can Order Your Lab Tests With A Doctor’s Prescription insightful.

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