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Sheehan’s Syndrome

Sheehan’s Syndrome Information


Sheehan’s Syndrome Information A HypoGal reader was having a difficult time finding information about Sheehan’s Syndrome so she contacted me.  She needed, wanted additional information about Sheehan’s Syndrome. I hope this HypoGal Blog post will help her and benefits others.  When I began my Sheehan’s Syndrome journey so many people in the cyber-world gave me…

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Sheehan’s Syndrome Insight From Mayo Clinic and NORD

National Organization for Rare Disorders

Insight On Sheehan’s Syndrome Over the past decade, I have read thousands of articles about What Causes Sheehan’s Syndrome, What Are The Symptoms Of Sheehan’s Syndrome, and The Treatment For Sheehan’s Syndrome. Mayo Clinic  The Mayo Clinic website provides a terrific overview about Sheehan’s Syndrome. The Mayo Clinic recognizes that Sheehan’s Syndrome may not develop…

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What Is Your Color Today?

What Color Are You Today? HypoGal

What Color Are You Today? Towards the end of the day, my youngest daughter and I often ask each other, what color was your day today? And Why? This evening answer to, What color are you today? screams. Sadly, I am the only one able to hear the echo within the empty walls of my…

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HypoGal’s Life Lessons From A Chronic Illness

HypoGal Blog Disability Insurance

HypoGal’s Life Lessons Thoughts I am cleaning up my HypoGal Blog and trying to create a better navigation flow. Not an easy task- for me. So, my HypoGal Blog post today is a collection of HypoGal’s Life Lesson Thoughts From A Chronic Illness. Life Lessons Though The Eyes Of A Chronic Illness. Are You A…

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Two Forms of Sheehan’s Syndrome

Types of Sheehan's Syndrome

Two Forms of Sheehan’s Syndrome There appears to be two forms of the Sheehan Syndrome disorder; A Chronic Form An Acute Form The type of Sheehan’s Syndrome, a woman suffers from depends on the amount of damage to their Pituitary Gland’s cells. An Acute Sheehan’s Syndrome disorder reflects considerable damage, so Sheehan Syndrome symptoms become…

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Sheehan’s Syndrome Support Groups and Resources

Sheehan's Syndrome Support Groups List

Sheehan’s Syndrome Support Groups and Resources Sheehan’s Syndrome/ Hypopituitary Support Organizations You can click, HERE, to see a Photo of the Pituitary Gland.  Pituitary Network Association P.O. Box 1958 Thousand Oaks, CA 91358 (805) 499-9973 Phone (805) 480-0633 Fax Email: The Pituitary Network Association has a list of several states where you can find…

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Hypopituitary Symptoms Affect Quality Of Daily Life

Hypopituitary Symptoms

Hypopituitary Symptoms Affect Quality Of Daily Life Mom, are you hot? I hear my daughter’s question as I stand in front of the pharmacy counter waiting to pick up my prescription. I turn to my daughter, and I ask her how she knew I was hot. She looks at me with sadness in her eyes…

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