Scholarships for Students With Disabilities

Robert Wilkins the Outreach Coordinator at Maryville University Online asked if I would post the Maryville University College for Students with Disabilities: A Guide for Students, Families, and Educators website page.

College for Students with Disabilities: A Guide for Students, Families, and Educators may be able to help some people who are not aware of these programs.

So of course, I am posting this information. If you have information that you feel is a good fit for HypoGal readers then please email

Here is the Marville University Disability Guide:

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HypoGal shares in Episode #4, How Do You Find A Governmental Clinical Medical Trial?

In this podcast HypoGal shares her medical experience with a clinical study for Relapsing Polychondritis at the NIH aka National Institutes of Health.

In this HypoGal podcast you will learn how to find clinical trials from all over the world. You just need to go to the U.S. National Library of Medical webpage,

Once you are on the type in your condition, location and then hit search. The site will provide you with a list of public and private clinical studies that pertain to the information you submitted.

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health test online

Yes, You Can Order Your Lab Tests Without A Doctor’s Prescription. Health Tests Direct provides you with the ability to have lab tests without your doctor’s lab test prescription. Why Health Tests Direct? Why Health Tests Direct? Choosing Health Test Direct is an easy answer, especially if you do not have medical insurance. Consumers can order…

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where to find a government trial

    How Do You Find A Government Medical Trial? Several people have asked me how do you find a government medical trial? My reply is to go online to this government website.  The government website above is the homepage for the National Institutes Of Health Clinical Trials.  The Clinical Trials webpage allows you to…

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